Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

For those of you flower children out there, here is a tutorial on how to make a ring of rosies.

  • Start with a pair of scissors, a needle + thread, and small flowers. (Tip: get flowers that have strong stems to use for the base, then add more delicate ones later)
  • [Poke] carefully pierce a hole in the stem of the first flower.
  • [Thread through] gently feed the second flower through the pierced hole.
  • [Tie] secure the two flowers together by wrapping them with thread right where the two stems meet.
  • [Again] do the exact same on the next stem.
  • [And again] feed the next flower through and wrap it with thread as well.
  • Do that again and again and again until you have a chain!
  • [Twist] use wire to add the more delicate flowers. the stems may be to thin to pierce and thread through. It might help to use bead wire because it’s so thin, but you can also use floral wire. (You can get bead wire at the craft store and floral wire at the flower markets.)
  • [Wear] it is fun to add ribbon to the back so it can be tied loosely, but you can also bobby pin it into your ‘do. This is a pretty sturdy way of doing a flower crown so you’re more than welcome (encouraged, in fact!) to run through fields and dance the weekend away!

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