Monday, January 9, 2012

Brownsville Girl

When people peak into my closet I usually get a response of something resembling "Wow, you wear a lot of color!" and, in fact, I do. However, the color brown is not very well represented in my wardrobe because I tend to opt for other classic neutrals including: black, navy, white, and cream.

So, I was inspired by Olivia Palermo's outfit below because of how perfectly she ties multiple shades of brown together.

Next time I search my closet for an all black outfit I am going to try and pull the few brown pieces I have instead and see what happens!

My eyes are also peeled for some brown staples to add to my wardrobe as brown is better represented in my accessories.

What do you think about picking brown over black?

Palermo never fails to prove herself as a champion of fashion.,

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