Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eat Like The Locals: Phoenix

I'm spending a few days in Phoenix so I thought I'd profile a few of my favorite spots to eat. If you live in Phoenix then you know how great these restaurants are. However, if you are from elsewhere then remember these spots in order to eat like a local in Phoenix!

1. The Herb Box. Try: the cocktails.

2. Petite Maison. Try: the escargots.

3. Arcadia Farms Cafe. Try: the pesto grilled shrimp salad.

4. Rice Paper Eatery. Try: the different types of fresh and crispy spring rolls.

5. La Grande Orange Grocery. Try: the commuter sandwich.

6. Postino Wine Cafe. Try: the bruschetta.

7. Vincent's Farmers Market. Try: the omelets.

8. Geisha A Go Go. Try: the dessert roll.

9. True Food Kitchen. Try: the edamame dumplings.

10. Hillstone. Try: the grilled chicken salad.

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